Micro-Bead Flux with Integrated Additives

Homogeneity Translated into Better Results

We manufacture the fluxes in such a way that avoids separation of the components, eliminating inconsistent results. The non-wetting agents are literally integrated in the flux. We even developed a proprietary embedment process to offer fluxes with integrated oxidizers. Homogeneous flux is the first step to consistent analytical results.

Besides being the purest, our fluxes are much more homogeneous than others. They have integrated additives, flow easily, are less hygroscopic, and are backed by Scancia′s dedicated scientists making only one thing: flux.

We are dedicated to producing the best fluxes on the market.

Some of our key features are:


Our borate fluxes are produced as homogenous, spherical micro-beads. Each particle has the same composition, batch after batch. In such an homogenous flux, segregation will not occur.


We offer the purest fluxes on the market, it’s that simple. Our standard line has 2 grades: 99.99% and 99.998+% purity. We also offer custom grades on request.


Scancia offers custom-tailored fluxes for your application. We can vary the Li:B ratio, the granulometry and non-wetting agent or oxidizer content.


Know what's in there

Resource valuation is no place for guessing.


We help you to make better
building materials

Borate fusion is the cornerstone for accurate material composition assessment.


Premium materials call for
superior analysis

Our fusions fluxes are known to be the purest starting point for spectrometric analysis.


Our chemicals link resources to the market

From resources to materials, the true value lies behind the right analysis and it all starts with the best chemicals, this is where we are.