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Premium materials call for
superior analysis

Our fusions fluxes are known to be the purest starting point for spectrometric analysis.


We help you to make better
building materials

Borate fusion is the cornerstone for accurate material composition assessment.


Our chemicals link resources to the market

From resources to materials, the true value lies behind the right analysis and it all starts with the best chemicals, this is where we are.


Know what's in there

Resource valuation is no place for guessing.


Full Range of Fusion Fluxes

We offer a full range of premium fusion fluxes. No matter what is your fusion method, we have the flux to suit your application.

Homogenous Composition

Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process, our chemicals show a precise and stable composition over time.

Pre-weighed fluxes

We are the first supplier of ready-to-use fluxes.  Our  packaging removes the burden of weighing flux off you shoulders.

Whether you operate a high volume industrial laboratory or a research facility, we can assist you by providing the best fusion fluxes around. We can manufacture products with your own specifications or you can choose from our extensive catalog.