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The 0riginal Scancia Pack

What's in the box

The original Scancia Pack is a fast and economical way to get rid of flux weighing. It comes in 200-units box made to your specifcations.

The Mini-pack

Mini-pack use

The mini-packs are the solution for smaller sample size or additive packaging.

Custom Solutions

Your own packaging

From LIMS traceability with a tailored database or simply an OEM branding, the possibilities go well beyond our catalog.

Why the most efficient labs use our Scancia Packs 

There’s no way around: the sample preparation by fusion involves flux weighing. You think so? Maybe in 2010 but not now, thanks to Scancia’s unique packaging capacity.

Take the time-consuming task of weighing the flux out of your lab, switch to ready-to-use flux, and forget about the time spent around the balance or a slow flux dispensing unit. Open the pack, pour in the crucible and fuse.